$220.00 USD

Say goodbye to another night of hot and stuffy air. The Skliros Camping Fan is one of the most excellent and brightest illuminating fan lamps you'll ever have. Here are some reasons why you must have this!

The Skliros Camping Fan is designed with a mighty wind and rapid cooling techniques, providing instant fresh air inside your tent. This camping fan features step-less speed change, which allows you to change the wind speed to your desired level. Aside from that, this has a 360-degree wide-angle air supply and can be rotated up and down. This unique camping fan enhances comfort at all times!

In addition, it has fan has two functions: it is a wind machine to cool down the space when it gets hot; it also includes a bright LED floodlight, which helps you find your way at night or shines on your map while reading. With three brightness levels, you can adjust the brightness according to actual needs.

Moreover, this device comes with a whopping 13500mAH built-in high capacity lithium-ion battery that could last up to 15 hours of continuous usage (6 hours to fully charge). Another great feature is an intelligent power display that lets you know exactly how much energy is left in the battery at any time. 

This fan is compact and sturdy enough to take anywhere, weighing just 1.9kg and measuring 31cm x 30cm in size. You can hang this on your tent or just have it stand outside your tent. It depends on your preference.

We take great pride in these camping fans and hope you will enjoy using them as we enjoy designing them.

Happy Camping, camper!