$150.00 USD

PLEASE READ FIRST! This product can only be shipped to the USA and Brazil until further notice for the time being. However, we are doing our best to make it available to other countries. 

When camping, a better portable, reliable, and long-lasting power supply is necessary. In addition, camping tends to be more enjoyable if we can use most of our tech accessories and devices uninterruptedly.

Small power banks are sound and handy. But they can't be any good compared to our newly invented high-power charging station - The Project 2 Power Charging Treasure!

It's a new generation 30W fast charging, 60,000 mAh high capacity power storage device. Its dimension is 13.5cm x 8.5cm x 8.5cm, while its weight is 1.5kg.

We have conducted several acid tests on it, charging several devices (such as Go Pro, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, Nintendo Switch, etc.) simultaneously. It stands the test successfully without any overheating issues. 

You will no longer worry about your device battery running out with the Project 2 Charging Treasure. It's an essential camping treasure every camper shouldn't go without!


Happy camping, camper!