$220.00 USD

Are you tired of run-of-the-mill camping tents that rip and don't live up to your expectations? We were, so we built a next-generation camping tent that‘s fully automatic, remarkably spacious, and can stand in all weather conditions. All you need to do is rest and relax. 

Here are a bunch of great reasons why you'll love this. 

The Outdoor Explorer Camping Tent highlights a fully automatic pop-up concept that allows you to set up or take down the camping tent within 30 seconds, eliminating any frustration that used to come with traditional tents. 

In addition, this camping tent is remarkably spacious, making it great for your family. The inside dimensions are 210x210x140 cm and 240x240x155 cm, which can accommodate 3-5 people and 5-8 people, respectively. It is also very comfortable and lightweight, at 4.9kg.

Furthermore, the Outdoor Explorer is a family camping tent with all the features to ensure you have a great trip, whatever the weather. Enjoy peace of mind and comfort on your camping trip with a panoramic skylight, waterproof with a 3000mm rating, and 210T waterproof polyester material for an ideal combination of durability and weather protection.

It also contains UV-reflective fabric to take advantage of the sun during the day. In addition, This has four-sided mesh screens for dark skies at night to allow maximum airflow from your campfire while keeping dangerous bugs at bay. Inside, enjoy generous space and comfort with two side windows that can be rolled open or closed as needed to help regulate the temperature.

Overall, this is the camping tent that we all want to have. You should try this yourself and experience the comfort it brings on your next camping adventure!

Happy camping, camper!