$100.00 USD

Camping in scorching hot weather is sometimes unbearable. Not anymore! We got a new invention for you to beat the heat and stay cool while camping. Here are the essential features why you'll love this!

The fan is portable and rechargeable. It's easy to carry and doesn't take too much space. Give it a full charge for prolonged-lasting usage(3.5 hours to fully charged).

Use it standing or hanging - either way, it works. The fan weighs around 1.1kg. 

It's a multifunction fan - it can also function as a hanging night light. So they can operate together at the same time.

There are three wind speeds to choose from - the first speed lasts up to 27 hours of continuous usage, the second speed up to 13 hours, and the third speed up to 8 hours.

It also has a timer setting. It's even better as all of these can be controlled via its remote control.

This little solid beast is equipped with a whopping 10,000 mAH rechargeable battery. 

That's a lot more reasons to own one. The Minima Tripod Camping Fan is a great camping companion every camper should include in their camping essentials lists.

Happy camping, camper!