$80.00 USD

Do you battle for heat and sultry feelings during your camping trip? Well, not anymore! The Kompsos Camping Fan is our warrior. It is an innovative camping fan that you will surely love. 

The Kompsos camping fan is a perfect solution to your camping needs! A whopping 2000mAh built-in battery extends the battery life up to 6 hours of continuous usage, providing a calm and gentle breeze feeling.

In addition, it has 3-speed settings, and the remote controller design makes it more convenient to control the speed between high, medium, and low comfortably (3100rpm, 2650rpm, and 2000rpm, respectively). Also, this little one features an LED night light that creates a soft and romantic illumination at night. 

Furthermore, it is a multi-function fan; it can be hung or free-stand. It features an adjustable tripod that can be adjusted up to 295mm x 155mm. It is small and super
lightweight (0.4kg), making it portable and easy to take on your camping trip.

You can never find a camping fan just as good at this. Quality and affordability in one! It is a must-have, especially for an outdoor enthusiast like you! So grab one now and experience the best on your next camping adventure!

Happy Camping, camper!