$100.00 USD

Want to have the best bang for the back for your next camping lantern upgrade? Please look at our newest camping light; it's portable, bright, and long-lasting. 

The Athrafstos Camping Light is a portable camping lamp with adjustable brightness and high luminance. With multiple stages of cool radiant, solid light beads and nine wicks LED, it will provide bright light and gives you even more brightness when you need it most.

Compared with a traditional flashlight, its battery life lasts up to 16 hours under continuous use. Besides, it comes with two power options: a built-in lithium battery and an external battery, which means you can use four batteries altogether when necessary. No more dark moments, just fun!

Moreover, it is a compact and super lightweight design (weighing just 0.3kg), and a rotatable hook can be easily hung on a backpack or tent pole during camping trips. In addition, it is built with waterproof functions and can help you keep going no matter what weather conditions you are facing.

This camping light will never let you down. Grab yours now and experience the best on your next camping trip!

Happy camping, camper!