$120.00 USD

Don't let your camping lamp be the bottleneck of your camping gear. We introduce our version of a camping lantern that you might love - The Nordic Camping Lantern!

Our designers have spent many hours developing a well-designed and built camping lantern for any camp lover, and finally, it's HERE AND DONE for you!

Here are the top reasons you may want to upgrade your current camping lamp today.

This beast has a 5,000mAh rechargeable battery lasting up to 130 hours of continuous usage. Charging the lamp is done via any Type-C cord. 

Another factor in loving it is its two options of light - 2700K(warm white) and 3500K (soft white). Moreover, You can easily control the lamp's brightness with just a button twist.

It has a battery percentage indicator as well. 

The lamp is IP55 waterproof grading which means it's water-resistant.

Overall, our Nordic Camping Lantern is a camping essential you would love and wouldn't go without. 

: BEWARE of fake imitations/copycats! Spend your hard-earned money wisely.

Happy camping, camper!