$100.00 USD

Do you need a robust and long-lasting camping light? Then we introduced the Blackdog Camping Light. It's a great addition to your camping gear. With the essential features, this camping lantern is equipped with, you can never go wrong investing in one.

Starting with its build quality, It's solid and robust, so it's built to last long and can withstand an intense environment.

It has a dimmable brightness ranging from 5Lm-170Lm, so you can adjust the brightness as needed. In addition, It features a rotary switch that controls the light direction and three different lighting modes to create an ambiance inspired by candlelight.

Candlelight Effect (darker led filament, warm orange light, intense atmosphere)

Natural Light Effect (the top led lamp emits light, and the brightness is higher)

Strong Lighting Mode (led filament and led lamp beads emit at the same time to achieve maximum illumination)

It is compact and lightweight, weighing just 294g. It has a whopping 20,000 mAh lithium battery and maximum life of 105 hours. With that alone, you can use it without worrying about charging it every time. Recharging it is via a Type-C cable, and it has a battery life light indicator, so you're always aware of its battery life.

It has a waterproof shell and an IPX-3 waterproof rating - more than enough to be resistant to rain.

Overall, it's a great camping lantern that's worth to invest.

Happy camping, camper!